"Hmm...you know...that's a great question!"

If your nonprofit had a more effective strategy for connecting with your constituents, donors, listeners/viewers, volunteers, potential board members, etc., would that bring value to your organization?

How helpful would it be for your nonprofit to block out a couple of hours and sit down with a professional or even a team or professionals and have an idea-storming session (with a fresh set of eyes/ears)?

Do you have a radio program that needs to sound more professional?  Would you like to have better quality guests scheduled for interview on your program? 

How passionate and enthusiastic are you about your particular subject?  If you were "booked" as a guest on a radio/TV program as a subject matter expert, how would you add value to the host's program and his or her audience?

Do you have a press release or article that you would like to have pitched to the media?

At your next trade show/industry event, how would it benefit you to have someone professionally represent you and your organization, network with influential leaders/organizations/businesses on your behalf, and provide a report with next steps outlined that you can take action on immediately to accomplish your goals and objectives? 

If this would benefit you by bringing value to your organization, I may be able to help you. Let's talk.

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